Skills, Confidence & Preparedness Index (SCPI)

The LMC Skills, Confidence, and Preparedness Index (SCPI) assesses the dimensions of knowledge, confidence, and preparedness of diabetes self-management. The electronic version provides immediate scoring and feedback to guide the individualization of patient education. The SCPI has been validated in both a type 1 and type 2 diabetes adult population, is associated with glycemic control, and is responsive to educational interventions. The SCPI is used internationally for research and educational purposes.

Optimizing Diabetes Self-management: Using the Novel Skills, Confidence, and Preparedness Index (SCPI)

The electronic version of the SCPI (Skills, Confidence, and Preparedness Index) was designed to provide immediate feedback to healthcare providers to encourage individualization in patient education. An ideal questionnaire would be highly reliable, would be related to an important diabetes outcome, such as glycemic control, and would be responsive to an intervention such as patient education. The study found the SCPI tool to have a high validity, consistency, and reliability. Scores on the SCPI tool were related to glycemia (HbA1c) and in participants who underwent further teaching, the improvement in HbA1c correlated with the improvement in the SCPI score.

Specialist-led diabetes registries and predictors of poor glycemic control in type 2 diabetes: Insights into the functionally refractory patient from the LMC Diabetes Registry database

For any questions regarding the LMC SCPI questionnaire, please contact: Lisa Chu, Manager, Data Science ([email protected])