Our Team

The Data Sciences Team is committed to improving patient care and advancing scientific evidence through research that informs real-world clinical practice.

Our focus is on producing impactful work in the real-world evaluation of medications, devices and educational methods. We also design and implement interventional clinical trials that focus on current challenges in diabetes care, such as insulin management during exercise and glycemic self awareness through self monitoring devices and pumps. We provide expertise in data analytics, protocol design and writing, manuscript and report writing, database management, and project management. 

Data Analysis:

Epidemiologists provide an array of data analysis services, including real-world evidence studies, analyzing and interpreting clinical research data, market research analyses, and fulfilling data requests

Research Communication:

Our highly experienced team writes study protocols, develops conference abstracts, presents information at scientific meetings, produces clinical study reports, and writes and publishes scientific manuscripts

Clinical and Scientific Knowledge:

Our team works in collaboration with multidisciplinary health care providers and scientific experts to design and lead research projects

Project Management:  

Our team manages all of the components of research projects while working within study budgets and timelines

The Team

Lisa Chu, PhD



Lisa joined LMC Healthcare as a clinical epidemiologist in 2019. She completed her PhD in Medical Sciences at McMaster University, followed by a postdoctoral fellowship in the Division of Endocrinology at the Hospital for Sick Children.

Lisa’s past research training, included a specialization in exercise physiology and metabolism research, with a focus on diabetes risk factors. She is passionate about working with large amounts of clinical data to answer important research questions that will contribute to scientific knowledge, and improve CKD in T2D management, diabetes care and patient health outcomes. Outside of her research, Lisa enjoys playing basketball, rock climbing, hiking, and traveling.

Dr. Alex Abitbol


Assistant Medical Director


Dr. Alexander Abitbol joined LMC in 2015 after relocating to Toronto. He graduated medical school at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec in 2010. He completed residency at McGill in Internal Medicine and sub-specialized in Endocrinology and Metabolism, where he served as chief resident and won awards at every level of education and training. He received certifications in Internal Medicine by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Dr. Abitbol is committed to treating patients in all areas of endocrinology and metabolism. He has a particular interest in applying technology towards improving diabetes care and management, and his recent research focused on developing the artificial pancreas.